BioEmergences presentation

We develop original methodologies and tools for the in vivo multiscale and multimodal observation, quantification and multilevel theoretical modelling of biological processes. Our strategies are the basis for the predictive understanding of the morphogenesis of living organisms in normal and pathological conditions and open the way to new kind of pharmacology and toxicology screening schemes.

In this context we foresee the following missions:

  • anticipating the needs of integrative cell biology and developmental biology in terms of methods and tools
  • tackling challenging biological issues as proof of concept
  • proposing collaborative services through an innovative platform for imaging, image processing and multilevel modeling 
  • fostering the expansion of a transdisciplinary community through the e-Laboratory  Embryome-DC in the context of the Complex Systems UNESCO UNITWIN Complex Systems-DC
BioEmergences collaborative services

In the context of the National Infrastructure France BioImaging, BioEmergences proposes collaborative services for the reconstruction of multilevel dynamics from the in vivo observation of developing model organisms. Through the BioEmergences web service, registered users access our database space and algorithmic workflow for the quantitative analysis of 3D+time imaging data. Registration through